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    So here's my first one, just a sword idle some things I ran into is I wasn't able to copy the whole frame with a click one button I had to copy each piece to paste it over one by one. (got little annoying). 2nd was the undo button didn't really get it, It should just be simple when u click on the undo button it just should just undo the last thing u did would be nice.

    The program works nicely I didn't try to crop yet and add things in sprites like the sleeves to a individual sprite etc. I will try to make more complicated animations and add extra sprites etc. next week maybe some Dances that you guys could use, Good thing is I did like u could export it over to a GIF so u don't have to play the animation in a script which is nice.
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    how to do you make it slower?


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      ta bom assim mais precisa de mais animaçao tipo ele dando uma facada ou tipo tirando a espada da mão