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  • Scripting Team?

    I've been monitoring this game for a while and just now decided to step in.
    My nickname is Mystic, and I code in several languages including JS.
    I could be of very great service.
    I attended Full Sail university for Computer science, Game development, and Website Design.
    Just wondering if a scripting team could be applicable... I'd be glad to apply!

    Things that I can Improve:

    Choppy animations,

    Teleport more fluently,

    More Staff Tools,

    Ban system,

    Muting players for a desired time,

    Better weapon animations,

    Damage over time abilities scripted to weapons,

    Walk trail animations,

    Lighting effects,

    I know it all.

    Thanks for reading this post,


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    Currently, we are not looking for any coder. Once we do though, there'll be an application ready - you may feel welcome to apply then.


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      Currently staff don't have access to the scripts yet (only me). There is still some work to be done before that can be considered, but we are already working on the tools.
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