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Best way to learn JavaScript?

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  • Best way to learn JavaScript?

    What's the best way to learn JS? To first learn another coding language like HTML THEN learning JS OR just learning JS? JS = JavaScript .. Don't get confused..
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    Or you could try checking out :]

    In response to your other and almost identical thread:
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      I learned javascript from a website called code academy learned a decent amount in 1-2 months.


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        Learn by doing, html isnt a programming language, but a way to say how something should be structured with css to tell it how it should look and js how it should behave.
        you cant do math in html for example, you cant do math in css either unless you use a css-compiler such as SASS, LESS, etc.

        any and all failures are a good thing. start small, dont overthink something to do, it will burn you out and you will lose interest if you take on a way too ambitious plan/idea.
        javascript has a lot of libraries that does a lot for you, learn the basics first. programming isnt just do do do, but a mindset. this can be difficult for a lot of people to change how they think.

        curiosity is a good thing, trying without fear of failure is something you should embrace. if you find yourself wondering how something works, try it! if that doesn't work, take a look at what went wrong and try improving it. again, failure is a good thing if you can learn from it.
        look stuff up. ask people, either if you know somebody or online. no questions are dumb.
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          I recommend to read books or watch some tutorials that's the easiest way to learn.