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Split Grouped Layers Via NodeJS

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  • Split Grouped Layers Via NodeJS

    Attached is a zip containing a small script I've made for the purpose of splitting grouped layers, as these are apparently not supported within the engine. I may eventually expand this to include functionalities such as automatically moving tiles to the layer which corresponds with their tileset index, as there is only supposed to be one tileset per layer.

    1. Install NodeJS / NPM -
    2. Open a terminal console (or command prompt) and cd to the directory you've extracted the files to. For example - `cd "C:\Users\Mike\Documents\Grail Online\dist"`
    3. Install the necessary packages by entering the command `npm install`
    4. Ensure your map files are contained within the `/Maps` directory and enter the command `node compilemaps.js`
    If all has succeeded you should now have a copy of your maps within the `/compiled` directory, with their layers no longer grouped and their relative paths to tileset images still intact.


    Click image for larger version

Name:	layers-grouped.png
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	layers-ungrouped.png
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ID:	3813

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    Nice :-) tiled allows way too much sometimes (we don't support rotation of individual tiles yet), so such tools are always handy. It looks like your map makes good progress :-)
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