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Contest: Community Tutorials

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  • Contest: Community Tutorials

    Hello fellow Corleone player!

    We would like to invite you to the opportunity to help our new players, and the community by submitting your own tutorial of the game! We will reward your effort if we use your tutorial!

    In the past days, we have already received and shared some very good community tutorials:
    - Taru: How to Trashpick
    - Flameboy: How to customize yourself

    However, We are still looking for high quality tutorials for other topics, such as (but not limited to):
    - Mushroom hunting
    - Bases, and how you can conquer them with your clan

    While we really appreciate your help, and would love to see your take on these topics, we have some guidelines on how a tutorial should look like:
    - Should consist of text and images, please no file attachments
    - Clear and easily understandable language
    - Professional looking screenshots, if you want to highlight something it should look professionally and not scribbled
    - The screenshots should be cleanly embedded in-between the text explanations, not just attached to the thread
    - With participating you agree that we might translate your tutorials into other languages, such as spanish or portuguese.

    To reward your help and input, we will allow up to 2500 coins for good tutorials. Excellent tutorials that will be chosen as reference, will also be rewarded with rare event hats.

    Thank you for participating!

    (Asst. Manager)
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    I will also do a How to customize yourself tutorial i think ^^


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      Cool Good Luck to all Video Makers!


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        Where can i send in my video, its a mpeg video file so i cant upload it here.