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    Nice New Game Stefan, And I'm really addicted to it, But I have some little suggestions, Soo !! Check out my suggestions, You may find useful and fun things.
    First :
    In Corleone, We aren't in middle ages like .. Avalonia? . So I think changing the word "Clan" to "Gang" Will be better, And also "Coins" to "Dollars"
    Second :
    I've seen many cars around in Corleone Online. Why not enabling it as a mount just like In Avalonia there was Pumpkin mount, The price will be about 50,000 Dollars. And your friends can go in your car too.
    Third :
    New Job: Fisherman, You can work as fisher man, A fishing rod will be found at Fishing Shop that will be captured somewhere around the map, (You guys can discuss where it should be) The fishing rod will cost 500 coins, Graphics team can create 4 different kind of fishes. Golden Fish, Silver Fish, Brown Fish, Yellow Fish.
    Golden Fish: It will give you 15 coins per 1
    Silver Fish: It will give you 10 coins per 1
    Brown Fish: It will give you 7 coins per 1
    Yellow Fish: It will give you 5 coins per 1
    And NOPE. Its not Overpaid at all. Because fishing will take you long time to find fish or two, And you can also find TRASH in the middle of fishing, Such as bottles. Lamp Bulbs. Newspapers, Rotten apples. that can also be sold at the Recycling Shop as usual.
    New Job: Miner, The miner will go to cave, The cave is discovered somewhere around the map, You guys can discuss where it can be located, The Miner job will have its shop, The shop will also be located in somewhere from that locked shops, In there you can find an axes are using to do mining, So the job will be just like this, You will go to the cave, And you will start mining to earn the following :-
    Gold: It will give you 20 coins per 1
    Silver: It will give you 17 coins per 1
    Steel: It will give you 10 coins per 1
    Iron: It will give you 8 coins per 1
    Rocks: It will give you 3 coins per 1
    Coins: Which means 1 Coin if you found "Coins"
    New Job: Lumberjack, The Lumberjack won't be in the main domination, It will be just like that place where you can find the party hat in the west of the map. A place will be discovered around the map. Where you get into and get in a forest with many trees, A new shop will be unlocked and its called Lumberjack, From there you can get your Axe and it will cost you 700 coins, then you will head to that forest. And you will start cutting down trees. By hitting it with the axe till the health above is over.
    The Axe Can Also Be Used As Melee Weapon so you will go on and cut as much trees as you can, The tree that you cut will take 30 seconds to grow again so you can cut it again, But there will be many trees in that forest that you may not need to cut the same tree twice and twice, Lumberjack payments :-
    First there will be 2 kinds of wood Only. Original Wood - Polished Wood
    Original Wood: It will give you 8 coins per 1
    Polished Wood: It will give you 10 coins per 1
    There will be random bots around, These bots will give you a mission, Just like that Police, Instead of being useless police, Why don't it give you a mission? .. For example. He said : Have you seen my friend Bill? Then you can look for an injured officer around the map, That only you can see, You will need food. To give to the injured officer. Then the injured officer will be healed. And he will go to the other cop, Then you will earn 150 coins
    You Can Only Play This Mission One Time Everyday Or you guys can discuss the time
    Another Mission: There will be lady bot standing, And when you go against it, It will say Help!. So in here you're a thief, You stole her bag and you have to run for life. Cops bots will be running after you and opening fire on you, You will need to find a way to lose the cops. And when you lost the cops. you can check out the bag, The bag will give you the following :-
    Money: You will find money inside, But unknown number, It depends on how lucky you are.
    Guns Parts: Can be sold with the original prices.
    Food: That can be used to heal yourself.
    Another Mission: Is a bank robbery, You can only success this if you had 5 friends with you, If you did it alone, I'm sure you will die. Soo .. In this bank robbery you will get in, You have to get in first unarmed, With your fists only. With your friends, Then when you go in the middle. There will be a lady bot, Then you can point your gun on her, And let one of your friends go to the money part, Start robbing, An alert will be opened, So cops will come in no time, You have to rob as much as you can, Before the cops arrives, If the cops arrive they will be using M4/Ak47 So they may kill you, If you died, You will lose everything you robbed, So .. You have to escape the bank before the cops arrive, This will be awesome if cars are enabled, So you can escape using your car. And yeh, you can rob about 3,000 before the cops arrive, And then when cops arrive, Your friends should defend your back, Or whoever is robbing the bank, And killing the cops. Each cop will drop 1 coin, So if you are pros enough to handle it, It will be 5,000. Then the player will auto stop robbing, And the money will spread between the 5 friends, 1,000 per 1, And if one of them died in the middle of the robbery, His money will be spread for the others. For example 250 more coins for each criminal. And that's so.
    So Last But NOT Least:
    The listed jobs above can be seen as an Overpaid jobs. But as soon as more weapons are added, It will need more time of working, And you can't imagine how bored to work for long hours and then find out that you only get 4000 and you're farming to get about .. 24000 for Scar. .. Soo This will be fair for people. And The Miner job may be overpaid, But you won't find metals in every stone you break or everywhere you mine, it will be rare to find, Not VERY rare lol. But it will be rare for example .. You can find 1 Gold every 5 minutes. Or .. Silver every 4 minutes. Just like this, And you all know how long it needs to earn fish in real life too lol So that prices are fair. And the bank will be located somewhere around the map yeha, You can discuss where it should be. If I had an idea for more missions. I'll mention it immediately
    That's ALL! I hope you like my suggestions, That's all for today.

    Last edited by DaMaR; 01-27-2018, 11:06 AM. Reason: Forgot the payment system for the bank robbery mission

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    Nice ideas Mining will definitely be thing to add this year. We called it "Clans" to be more different to some other game series ;-)
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      Originally posted by Stefan View Post
      Nice ideas Mining will definitely be thing to add this year. We called it "Clans" to be more different to some other game series ;-)
      Wow Stefan himself replied :O ! And thanks


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        These are great ideas. You should work for Corley new hopefully daddy accepts you

        also can you guys please add player icons on the map? I don't think it would be much of a problem since only a few are playing ATM