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Suggestion : Bet system

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  • Suggestion : Bet system

    As we have spars ground now, Why not adding new "bet" system, That you can bet on player meanwhile they're in spar.
    You can place a bet when you stand in front of a bot in here
    Your position is: 18.74 x 39.64 on map "Spar Solo Blue" with template "inside_spargrounds
    I've took the example from the Spar Solo Blue, But the same position for all spars.
    So when you stand in front of the bot, There will be a window that you can choose one of the two players inside.
    And there is a bet
    Minimum bet : 100 coins
    Maximum bet : 1,000 coins.

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    I also Suggested this on the Discord server and i said they should create a Arena For it but i i think your Suggestion is Better.


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      Yes betting on spars would be fun, for the sparrers but also for viewers
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        This idea meets a flaw as many people would abuse the system and rig who wins by simply reaching an agreement with a sparrer to "throw" a match.