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Trashpicking Rewards/Leveling Concept

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  • Trashpicking Rewards/Leveling Concept

    Trashpicking Rewards
    I was thinking that the trashpicking job should have incentives similar to the buildaburger job. You would have two rewards, an accessory such as a hat—something simple like a blue cap with a recycling logo on it. The other reward could be another accessory such as a gold trashpick, or you can get more creative with it and say after about 10,000 or however much trash pieces collected, you could get a rideable street cleaner that sucks up trash when you go over it, just an idea though.

    Trashpicking Leveling

    This concept will be a little hard to explain, but there will be a incentive to trashpick even more. Basically there will be five different levels per say, each level relatively the same just with different perks. At level 0, you’re just a normal new trashpicker. Level 1, you get +1 coin(s) added to every piece of trash you sell. Level 2 you will get +2, level 3 you will get +3, and so on till five. Level one will take 100 pieces to level, level two will take 250 more, level three will take 500 more, level 4 will take 1000 more, and you will need 2500 more for the mighty number five. This can also overlap with the reward idea and have the different rewards be unlocked at your community service “levels”, or “rank”.

    Let me know what you think, and don’t be afraid to build off this idea in the comments. Thank you!

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    I 100% agree that if you put in the time, you should be rewarded. This is the same reason people still play MMO's like Elder Scrolls Online. People invest years of hours to be better than everyone else. It's only fair if you can work for "The advantage". On the other hand, jobs need to stay difficult as the game still needs to make money off of Itunes and such from people tired of "the struggle". Very touchy subject but we can only wait and see what the server turns into.