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    Welcome to Kolo’s Mind - (a thread about my suggestions)
    ~Leveling System~
    How it works:
    • As always, a leveling system would be based on XP that you would get from doing anything in the game. I.e. Collecting trash, picking mushrooms, walking certain distances, completing challenges, completing quests/missions etc. Level 1 could be 100 XP to obtain, Level 2: 350 XP, Level 3: 700 XP, and so forth. After every 5 levels, you gain a buff such as increased movement speed or attack speed. After every 10 levels, you gain a buff to one of your core stats such as energy, health, or damage. After every 50 levels, you gain abilities such as sprinting, a spherical shield that blocks damage for a short period of time or a healing/burning aura. (Could also add a prestige system where a player can hit a level cap and prestige, letting him hit the level cap over and over but keep their abilities. This would be best implemented if you could only get so many skill points each run of the levels. This would increase the playability of the game tremendously.)
    • Just like any MMO where your health and damage scale to your player’s level, it increases productivity within players and releases the human’s natural instinct to be better than everyone else. It’s a huge time commitment to that captures a larger audience than “role-playing” games. A system like this takes a long time to develop and perfect but it makes or breaks a game.
    • Adding special abilities such as shielding globes and kill auras would make the game more outlandish and if this game is going for a realism feel, it could cause problems. This system would also require a more in-depth tutorial especially if a skill point system was introduced and you a limited amount of them. Although that also creates a new benefit since many YouTubers would hop on the bandwagon of “BEST LOADOUT OF CORLEONE ONLINE ~ MAX DPS!!!”.

    ~Missions and Quests~
    How it works:
    • All of these suggestions are ideas to help this game grow and increase the playability which everyone keeps complaining about. Adding a story mode would add a new element to the game entirely. Not only adding a cool ‘lore’ behind the game attract an audience, but it would also captivate players in the game who join. This would almost force them to give the game a chance and the first impression wouldn’t be “Oh these people are a lot better than me. I’ll never be as good as them” and it would gain a fanbase with a good enough story.
    • Draws in more players.
    • Creates a fanbase.
    • Gives new players a first impression.
    • Would take a talented writer to create a fantastic lore good enough for people to fanboy over *cough* *cough* Warframe
    (Will be adding more suggestions to this threat as I continue with my ideas to help this game grow. I get my ideas from other free-to-play games like Warframe or MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online and see what they are doing right to keep a player/fanbase.)

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    Sounds good We definitely need more objectives in the game so that players are motivated to come back
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      All this will happen in the future and more.