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Kolo's FAQ to Corleone

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  • Kolo's FAQ to Corleone

    ~Frequently Asked Questions, by a player for players~

    By: Kolo

    Security and Purchases
    • If I bought a coin pack and didn't receive it, who do I contact?- You should contact a high staff member or administrator such as Meph, Mercy, or Darklux just to name a few.
    • When should I receive my coins or other services when I purchase them?- You should receive the purchase immediately unless it hasn't been processed successfully.
    • What is my Profile ID/Account ID?- Your ID is a series of numbers printed on your profile next to your name. It is used to identify you even with a name change.
    • Who should I share my Account ID with?- You should only refer your ID to a staff member or administrator.
    • Are transactions on the Corleone server safe for buying coins?- Your personal information will never be leaked and is 100% secure. If you are having troubles getting enough money for the gun you want, it is highly recommended you buy some!

    Starting Game Tips
    • Where are the shovels located?- Shovels are located in the fossil shop just right of Start. They are used to dig up fossils and trash to sell and get money.
    • When first starting, the best way to get money is trash collecting. Open your map and look for the broken bottle on the bottom right of the map. Head there to get a free trash pick.
    • How can I look more stylish?- Walk around and explore hats and customs shops around the map. Indicated by the boy/girl gender signs.
    • How do I save my progress?- Your progress is automatically saved to your Facebook account.
    • How do I base?- You enter the base and destroy the walls to get to the flag. Damage the flag to zero health to take control. (You must have a clan tag to take over)

    • What can you do in Corleone?- Corleone is a 3rd person shooter that allows you to gain money and progress as you get better at shooting and obtain better weapons.
    • How much do customs cost?- Prices are 10k for bodies, 15k for heads, and 20k for animated customs. (.gifs)
    • How much do clans cost?- 2k to create the domain name for your clan, 400 coins to rename.
    • Is Corleone still in development?- It very much is with great content to come in the future.

    • How can I become apart of the staff team for Corleone?- First of all, decide which staff team you would like to join. Then, gain the knowledge and obtain the requirements needed before you apply.(Link for applications will be listed below)

    • Is there a way I can avoid an administrator confiscating my account on violation of the code of conduct?- Your account is always identifiable and there is no way to escape consequences placed on the account.
    • Are VPNs allowed?- The usage of VPNs is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.
    • What other rules do I have to follow?- Check the rules consequences on the official Corleone Discord Server. (Linked below)

    Official Corleone Discord Server:

    Corleone Staff Applications:
    ~Any further questions may be asked to people on Corleone with the (Admin) tag or on the Official Corleone Discord Server~

    All of the FAQ above has not been vetted by iAppsBeats Corleone Online management, and thus are my own opinions only.
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