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[Tutorial]How do i Operate Tiled?????-SlaTeSam

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  • [Tutorial]How do i Operate Tiled?????-SlaTeSam

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    Hello Everyone, Level Designer here SlaTeSam! =D
    Lately everyone has been asking me how to this and how to that in relation to level but hopefully a paragraph of this Post should help you with any Leveling Related Question!

    Now The program that we use as levelers is called Tiled(Link Below)-Carries you straight to the download page, No Problem =D

    Click me =D

    Great! so now you have the link.... click it of course...then you will see a Red button saying download now! Yes, you'd want to click that.

    then you should have everything sorted out if you follow what it says, if you are having difficulties during the Downloading step please contact me at... Discord: SlaTeSam#4282

    Next you should have Tiled of course...

    1. Open Tiled
    2. New Tile ( if it's your first time, if not please click File>New Tileset =D) - for new people on the opening page New Tile/ New Map is a clear option on the screen)
    3. look for the word Browse on that new tab that opened up.
    4. click the PNG.(picture) Tileset that you'd love to level with on Tiled!
    5.Save As anywhere, (please do not mess with locations, it can do some serious damage to your work, i suggest you make an organized folder) -Look below

    What is map???

    This is basically the space to make your levels, your sandbox space basically... When you go to File>New>New Map it should have a new tab that pops up, when that box pops up just make sure to click infinite, then save as...

    Hmm, so now open Your Tileset and go on your map and start EDITING!! =D

    And yeah guys that's all, Make sure to Subscribe to my channel to see some of my levels and just to get an idea of how i do my tiles =D

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    You should the viewers a video of you making a basic level, so they have somewhat of an understanding.