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    I have been part of corleone online since The beginning of January and i loved it, its a mini version of graal era and its pretty fun and a good place to start over from graal era’s toxic community. I have plenty of gun ideas and other ideas up my sleeve to share with you people.
    Now i didnt make this post just to tell you who i am, i made this post to share a gun idea with you guys.

    my gun idea is the Kriss Vector, it has a semi automatic burst fire mode (it shoots 3 bullets each time) and its semiautomatic, it is 9 damage, 3 damage per bullet-3 bullets 3x3=9. And a fast reload and a very very very low freeze. It will be about $13500 coinsand plus it has a color beam that shines a bright red light, blinding your enemies!

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    Cool Idea! and I am glad you are enjoying the community you are also welcome to share any ideas you may have in our Discord server-