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  • Avalonia Discord Guide

    Welcome to this Discord server! We offer lots of information about Avalonia here such as rules, announcements, information about custom uploads and an awesome community to talk to! This is how the server works --

    #news-announcement is used to tell you - the player - about any upcoming events, updates, important news and more, straight from the Developers.

    #serverrules-punishment Is the rules for in-game, and they also apply to this Discord server. Follow these rules and you can play the game without getting punished for naughty behaviour!

    #custom-uploads gives you the custom upload rules, what you can upload and what you can't, and how to upload a custom head.

    #staff-list gives you a list of all the staff. Go to these people for help with the game/reporting someone! Only trust these people who are game admins. If a player in-game or on the Discord is claiming to be a member of staff when they are not report them asap!

    #application-info this is where you can find links to the applications and information on them!

    #faq this is where the staff will answer frequently asked questions, whether it's about Discord or Avalonia.

    #help get help here! It may be a player answering you question, or if needed a member of staff! Help for Avalonia or the Discord server.

    #bug-reports report bugs here! If you report bugs here, the sooner they will get patched! If it is a game breaking glitch you probably should direct message a member of staff.

    #community you can talk about the game in general here! Remember no commands to be used here!

    #ingame-screenshots here you can share in-game screenshots. It could be your new awesome custom upload! Or a picture of your house!

    #streaming if you are streaming Avalonia share it here! I'm sure people will love to watch it!

    #music you can use our fantastic bots to listen to music on Discord! Control it here!

    #suggestions got this amazing game suggestion? Share it here! I'm sure the staff will love to hear it!

    #off-topic all the commands go here. From repping to fishing! Do it here!

    #graphics-discussion this is where you can share any pixel art you may of done related to the game. Share custom uploads and more!

    #levels-discussion discuss your levels you may of made and even you might see levels by developers!

    #ongoing-events get updates of any in-game events that may be going on!

    That is a guide of the discord server! Have fun!

    Discord link:
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    Hi there,

    thanks for the post! However, I moved this topic to the FAQ section because it fits in here way better. =]


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      Originally posted by PumaD View Post
      Hi there,

      thanks for the post! However, I moved this topic to the FAQ section because it fits in here way better. =]
      Alright! Sounds good!


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        Should have the Discord link in here as well.


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          I've added a link to the forum post with the working discord link.
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