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    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    This thread was made by one of our staff member and the information is more accurate than the other Avalonia's FAQ information that you will find.

    Q. How to be an admin?
    A. You have an opportunity to become an admin by applying in one of our application which can be found at Hirings

    Q. How to get the Gladiators Sword?
    A. Gladiators Sword's used to be a clan reward for the Gladiators clan which was sold in the Clan Shop, we have removed the sword in the shop due to the clan reward organization changes. But we're planning on either bringing it back in the shop available for all the players or to refund all the existing swords from the players.
    A. The Gladiators Sword is back in the game, but is no longer the Gladiators clan's sword. You can find the sword at the "Weapons" shop which is located at the TOWN OF hEROES

    Q. What are the ways to earn coins?
    A. Currently, we have the following available ways of earning coins - monster killing, player killing
    , mushroom picking
    , apple reaping and winning an event hosted by the staff/admin. For the easiest way, you can also purchase a coins pack from the menu or an icon in the game which is located above the screen near by the minimap.

    Q. How to change my profile status's font size?
    A. You can change the font size by typing the following code in profile status -
    <div style="font-size: 60px;"> you can also change the 60px number to the size that you want.

    Q. How to enable my profile status?
    A. You can enable your profile status by opening your player profile and clicking the button on the top right corner of your profile. It cost 250 coins to enable.

    Q. How to create a clan?
    A. You can create your clan by going to the Menu>Clans>Create Clan and choose your clan's name and proceed on creating your clan. Creating a clan cost 500 coins.

    Q. How to put gif/images in profile status/clan news?
    A. Put this html code on your status <div style="background-image:url(the url of the image you want to input);background-repeat:no-repeat;width:224px;height:314px;"></div>
    A.Currently, gif/images are disabled.