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Dual weapons and gif weapons

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  • Dual weapons and gif weapons

    Hello :-) Quite a lot of updates again! Beside new shops and items, several updates to the engine have been added in the recent weeks and months:

    - Dual weapons: weapons can now have a second mode (item.mode2)
    - Alternate attacks: weapons can have a list of alternating attacks. This is used for dual weapons, but can also be used for other weapons. (item.attacks)
    - Gif weapons! The item.weapon is actually used for the weapon look now, and supports gifs
    - The device is displayed in the player profile near the ping. You can see it in spars.
    - The black line bug on Corleone is fixed
    - Player zoom is working fine now, so expect more giant admin events now

    There were also more complex updates which will be improved over time and also rolled out in Avalonia some time:
    - Auctions
    - Spar complex
    - Particle effects - will be used for explosions and more effects in the game since it can be added to animations
    - The in-game script editor now supports syntax highlighting, works on furniture with the "canscript" attribute, but is only for testing right now.
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    Keep up the good work. we are with you.


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      Hi Ali :P


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        Nice Work Stefan!


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          Love it! Keep up the work


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            Ya make it like u did in 1998 and 1999 where gs1 was offline u could make a whole server offline and send it to Stefan in a email or direct so he can look at it if approve it gets put up as a server. You would have a lot of games