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New Player asking for a Shootout!!

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  • New Player asking for a Shootout!!

    Hello everyone! I'm new here to the forums, I have never played the game before but hey! I got in anyways!
    I'm saying a big hi and giving a large hug to my old best modest and lovable friend "Eshmeweeeeee"
    Haha, anyways, I have seen some good and bad reviews on the app Corleone, I'm on neither sides though, I wish to see most of the good parts that they say about this game, don't worry, I won't be that disappointed, this game is yet still new and for me does deserve the chance to redeem itself as one amazing MMORPG
    I would love to meet the kind community here too!
    So far I see that the admins and manager of this game are very responsive, I admire that very much! Unlike the previous online MMORPG I played, but anyways, I would love to try out your game, it would be an honor, thank you for welcoming me into this forum, and I would like to come back to you soon!

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    You're always welcome here, The forum seems a little bit sleepy, I guess I'm the only one who is regularly checking it haha.
    My name by the way in Corleone is [A]z3[R] In some mess-letters. I'll be glad to see you there.
    And its really good choice to choose Corleone Online as the best MMORPG Because it is actually. Mature people in there, And easy coins, Every few days there is a new update. I hope you will enjoy your time there


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      Oh it's you, Hey Lazuli, welcome to the game and forums hehe, glad you joined.


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        Hello and welcome!
        Ditto Loves you.


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          nvm, im quitting, lmao u always be catching me leaving away from a game Lazuli, see you around


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            Welcome! hope to see you around.
            Corleone Online Manager/Owner