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  • x Warning x

    If anyone in Avalonia or somebody you dont
    Know please dont open this link

    Even if a freind of yours
    Sent it to you theres A chance a Hacker is using
    Your Freinds Acount to Deceive You
    Last edited by PumaD; 03-10-2017, 08:56 AM.

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    thanks for telling us. While it should be clear to nowhere state personal information (of your account..), I removed the link so noone will fall for it.

    I'll say it again: never give out your information (E-Mail, password[s], etc.) to strangers. Additionally, our members of staff will NEVER ask you for those.

    Oh and, please refrain from double posting!

    Again, thanks. =]


    • PumaD
      PumaD commented
      Editing a comment
      Posting twice in a few period of time, i.e. posting "cool idea" and two minutes later, you post "i like this of your idea...". You'll have to edit your reply then instead.

    • Jaylher Jeoff Peloton
      Editing a comment
      i wasnt double posting the
      GummyBear one was just to post child songs

      pLUs i wish you didnt erase the link cuz i need it badly
      the link disappeared in the chat bar

    • Jaylher Jeoff Peloton
      Editing a comment
      im investigating it

      The hacking

      He hacked my acount
      suspect lives in new zealand
      i only have one suspect ******
      he is the only one i know who lives in new zealand

      I just noticed Why
      am i acting like a police admin
      Last edited by Jaylher Jeoff Peloton; 03-14-2017, 05:56 AM.

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    Welp. Please, do not accuse other players of hacking. If you believe they do hack, just PM me - like you did earlier ago. We don't want flame-wars and drama to happen on our forum boards, which is why we do not tolerate others accusing players in public, through the forums. Furthermore, they might check these posts and stop hacking until they feel safe again. :P

    But yea - do not accuse others, please.


    • ~Uknown~
      ~Uknown~ commented
      Editing a comment
      welp that did it