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Hope I be admin in game :)

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  • Hope I be admin in game :)

    Well guys done the police application and I hope I be mod in game even forums
    Wish me good luck

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    Too unprofessional. Making this thread decreased your chances.
    Level Artist.


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      Asking for the status isn't a good idea, it could decrease your chance of being selected as an administrator.

      However, if you wanna become a police/staff then you've to prove yourself worthy, just be yourself.

      Good luck with your journey!


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        I have to agree with Leakon here. Asking to become one is just about the worst thing you can do. Being an admin/police requires a good sense of judgement and maturity about different situations.

        Overall, this thread kind of proves to the admins that you are somewhat needy for the position which is not what they want their admins to be. They need their admins/mods to be helpful and respected members of the community who can help manage the community and enforce the rules.

        I like your enthusiasm, though.


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          How many hours do you guys have on the game, iv got 42 right now


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            Hi guys . I've been playing avalonia 2 years and I want to be a game administrator