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i will miss you guys

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  • i will miss you guys

    Hi guys! i just lsot my ACCOUNT PASSWORD
    i lost it and im not gonna recover it

    my best rival
    my best freind Anonymous goodbye everybody
    And GoodBye Empire II

    Also For those who are members of empire let me ask you guys a question
    (Am i anooying to you guys cuz ive been glitchng in ship aah those were the days)

    acctually i lost it 3 months ago i didnt post it now cuz
    didn have a chance to say goodbye so ill miss you guys

    Also for GMP( a.k.a gamer boy pro ) i will miss you
    ooh and for admins
    your the best
    (note : if i learn how to create a fb account i will make a comeback )

    Also these were my prev names
    The Derp
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    I hope you do not go - Facebook is created is very easy you can learn from Google just type "How to create a Facebook account".


    • Jaylher Jeoff Peloton
      Editing a comment
      thanks but the only thing is im too lazy i just dont wanna go back to noob going hard work get my self a lvl 2 sword
      and go win evenTS get coins and let somebody help me get coins
      and i dont have a phone num i know that becuz i used my mums account and she messaged me in messenger and was like
      jaylher what did you just do so im dead

      actually i got a plan and i will proceed that plan when my mumm does laundry and left his phone on the table